The cost that you will pay to get your breaks fixed varies more than any part of your car than you can get an estimate on. Usually the cost of the breaks will rely on a couple of factors, the brand and model of your car, how long you have driven on your breaks and how badly the breaks are damaged. If you drive a luxury car, you can expect to spend about 800 dollars to get your breaks completely repaired, depending on which mechanic you go to. If you drive a car that has a lot of miles or the breaks need a full makeover, you can expect to pay the same amount. Sometimes, if you just need a tune up on your breaks, it will cost a minimal amount (usually between 200 and 400 dollars) but usually car repair shops will error on the side of caution and fix your breaks completely. I would suggest comparing the shops that you go to and get an estimate on the prices that you will pay so that you can maximize the bang for your buck and value for your car. I wish you the best of luck!

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